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Bringing Beautiful Bali
to You


Jewellery with a purpose

We founded Gede & Co with one goal in mind: supporting sustainable livelihoods in Bali during the Covid-19 pandemic, through providing beautiful silver jewellery handcrafted in Bali to our customers.


An ancient tradition of quality

Bali is a stunningly beautiful island in Indonesia bringing incredible experiences to tourists from all around the world.  

Balinese silverware is an ancient tradition passed down from generation to generation - delivering high quality, handcrafted and uniquely tailored jewellery.


A gift with a difference

We want you to know that your jewellery is making a difference.

That's why we're a social enterprise, with every dollar of profit going to support Balinese livelihoods.

Give a gift of jewellery to a friend and we gift the profit back to Bali as well.