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Who We Are

At Gede & Co, we're passionate about bringing beautiful jewellery from Bali to you, and making a positive impact along the way.  Our team are committed to sourcing the best quality, authentic jewellery.  Learn more about our team below.



Gede (pronounced like the Kiwi phrase "g'day") is our expert Bali local, sourcing our bespoke jewellery and organising distribution to New Zealand.  Gede and his wife Kadek live with their four children and grandmother near Nusa Dua, in the south of Bali.


Made (pronounced mah-day) is our expert Balinese silversmith.  His craft was passed down to him from his father and his grandfather before that.  Made lives with his wife and three children in Celuk Village, the heart of Balinese jewellery making.



Our founder Carolyn, met Gede and his family during her family trip to Bali in 2019.  Carolyn and Gede stayed in touch, and Carolyn has set up Gede & Co in New Zealand to create new supply chains to sell jewellery from Bali.

New Zealand support team

Our local New Zealand support team, including Vee, Camilla, and Lara, manage sales, administration, and local distribution - to deliver this beautiful jewellery to you!

Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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