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Our story

We believe that we're all in this together and we can all make a difference to help others during this difficult time.  

Kiwi's love going to Bali on holiday and there is a strong connection between our two countries.  

Our founder Carolyn met Gede and his family during her family trip to Bali in 2019.  Carolyn spent a week in Bali with Gede a local driver, who drove her family to see Bali's incredible sights. At  the end of her trip, Gede introduced Carolyn to his wife and children, and gave a gift to Carolyn's daughter.  

Carolyn and Gede stayed in touch, and when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, Carolyn decided to establish Gede & Co as a way to support Balinese communities while our countries borders have been closed.

80% of the Bali economy is supported by tourism.  With their border closed since March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused tremendous loss and suffering for Balinese families.  

It costs around $100 per month to feed a family of four in Bali.  For $500, they can pay for rent, living expenses and keep their children in school. 

Every piece of Gede & Co jewellery sold can make a real difference for Balinese families. 

Thank you for your support!

*Gede & Co is a social enterprise and not a registered charity under the New Zealand Charities Act.

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